The Society for Creative Founders

Logos designed by Paper + Oats

Branding designed in collaboration with The Society for Creative Founders


Printed brand collateral pieces designed by Kristin Wilson of Society for Creative Founders

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Susannah was prompt, patient, and on top of things from the very beginning. We have a big brand with a lot of items that needed to be carefully curated and from the beginning she listened to what it was I was looking for and then put her signature style with a spin on it that beautifully reflects our brand in a way I only had imagined possible in my head. She was able to develop a brand with a style that I feel is very reflective of us and was amazing to work with from the very beginning. If you're looking for a brand designer who has tremendous design skills, an aesthetic that gives you professional look with a unique style nestled into it, and someone who can hear what you're truly wanting to do through all of the noise that you're thinking of, Susannah is a perfect person to work with!

- Kristin Wilson, Society for Creative Founders