New Brand Design: Beautiful Idiot Clothing


When Hollie of Beautiful Idiot Clothing first came to me way back in January (yes, January -- I wrapped up this project months ago and I'm so ashamed that I'm just now sharing it!), she said that she wasn't excited about her current branding, so how could she expect anyone else to be? 

Fast forward to her vintage-inspired rebrand here and RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT IT! I have both hands in the air because I. LOVE. THIS. BRANDING. It is cool and quirky, just like Hollie, who creates all kinds of fun things like skinny ties, bow ties, pocket squares and kimonos (all of them handmade from vintage and upcycled fabrics!). 

Fun fact: Hollie is British and a huge Dr. Who fan, and "beautiful idiot" derives from a line from Dr. Who.  So how could we not include tardis-inspired hexagons in her branding?! I love, love when there are secret meanings behind the design! 


I love getting to work with brands that push me outside of my usual more feminine style, and this project was the perfect opportunity!