New Brand Design for Elizabeth Greenberg

I have to admit, when I first met with Elizabeth Greenberg to discuss her branding, I wasn't totally sure where we were going to go with this! Elizabeth is a renaissance woman with a wide array of talents and passions. She is a content marketer, horseback riding coach and fashionista. She actively runs three different blogs and was looking for a way to brand all of her different ventures together. So we set out to design a "personal brand" that would then tie into her other ventures — EFG Marketing, EFG Equine and BeYou.

Step 1: Inspiration Board

So where do you start when you've got brands that are quite different? A few of the styles that Elizabeth wanted her brand to convey were feminine, classic, sophisticated, fun, bold and colorful. She loves ocean blues and the fashionista in her has always been drawn to red accents. She mentioned Ralph Lauren in our initial chat so I definitely had that equestrian vibe in the back of my mind while compiling her mood board. Here's what we came up with! 

Step 2: Logo Design

We started out with six original concepts, including a concept for EFG Marketing to see how we could brand the two logos together.

Elizabeth loved #2, and had the idea to do a braided rein around it instead of the vines to bring in an equestrian vibe. She also liked #5 but wanted to give it a little something extra to make it pop.

With that feedback, I added the reins around option #2 and also added them to option #5 to give it that extra something something.

In the meantime, Elizabeth decided to use logo #6 separately as her logo for EFG Marketing, but wanted to somehow tie that logo into her personal logo. So we pulled in the red font used in "marketing" in the EFG logo and used it for "Greenberg."

After revision #2, Elizabeth felt like option #2 was better suited to her industry and target demographic, but wanted it to have the "pop" aspect of #1. So I tweaked the Elizabeth lettering color to give it a little more contrast and BAM! We had our final logo. :)

Step #3: Branding Board

We already had our primary logo and color palette, so now we just needed some variant logos, patterns and typography. Elizabeth wanted to use her nickname, "Betta," (and social media handle, @BettaBeYou), so we pulled that into her submark, which I love! I'm also kind of obsessed with the patterns we ended up with. They definitely have an equestrian feel with the houndstooth and argyle, and the floral pattern brings in the femininity and the reds that Elizabeth loves! I also created a couple of fun brand elements that Elizabeth can use across her social media and blogs to pull her personality into her branding. 

Step #4: Social Media Graphics

To tie her social media pages into her branding as well, I created Facebook and Twitter covers and social media share graphics. 

The social media graphics are editable templates that Elizabeth can easily pull into Photoshop and swap out patterns, fonts, background colors, etc. to mix and match as she pleases! 

I also created a set of templates that Elizabeth can use on her blog, that are sized to pull perfectly into her Facebook thumbnail images. 


Step #5: Business Stationery

Last step: business stationery! We brought in the floral for Elizabeth's notecards and business cards and I am loving how they turned out. Something pretty to stand out on people's desks or in their wallets, for sure! :) 


So there you have it! Be sure to follow Elizabeth on insta/FB/twitter @BettaBeYou, and check out her blogs at the links below. :) 

EFG Marketing | EFG Equine | BeYou