Jewel-Toned Fall Porch Inspiration

I love Fall and Fall decor like it's nobody's business, but I'll be the first to tell you that Fall decor can get real tacky, real fast. While I love the orange and yellow colors of Fall leaves as much as anyone else, I've never been big on using those colors together in Fall decor. Feels a little too Michaels-y for me. I much prefer to leave yellow and orange in God's hands, and instead decorate for Fall with complementary colors (blues, pinks, purples) to complement His decor.

That being said, you will now understand why I am totally digging the idea of jewel-toned hues for a Fall front porch. I truly can't think of a better color combo! Case in point:

It's mighty lovely, don'tcha think? What colors are you using to decorate for fall this year?