Home for the Holidays: Holiday Decor 2014

Blogger's Note: This post was originally posted on my original blog, lovesweetpress.com.

I have to admit -- decorating for Christmas this year was a bit of a struggle for me. As the first Christmas in our new house, I wasn't quite sure where to begin! In our old house I had found a rhythm and designated locations for all of our holiday decor. So being the completely OCD person that I am, starting from square one was a tad overwhelming. Too many options for mixing things up! I love the way that it all came together though. This is the homiest that our new house has felt yet! Here's a peek into our Holiday home =) 

For some reason, I had it in my mind this year that I wanted a fat Christmas tree. On our annual trip to the mountains, I was dead set on finding a fatty. There's something about a full Christmas tree that feels very Victorian and old-fashioned. So find a fatty we did.

For the mantle, I used a combo of faux garland and fresh Christmas tree trimmings. The mix of faux and fresh really makes the perfect greenery.

No fancy Christmas card display this year -- just Scotch tape on our wood trim! 

UPDATE: You may remember that our dining room looked a tad different the last time I posted. It's still in transition, but I love the way it's coming together. We found this dining room set on Craigslist for 300 bucks -- a great find for Chippendale chairs, if you ask me!

And of course, we always have at LEAST two trees, so here's tree #2. It's an artificial hand-me-down from my parents, and the lights were a BITCH to put together, but with the help of some sweet angels it ended up being just beautiful.

On our back deck, I added some cheer to our window box with a mixture of Christmas tree trimmings, white pine garland, pinecones and fake berries. Also whipped up the same arrangement as a centerpiece for our patio table.

And there you have it! Holiday cheer from our house to yours. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!