3 Decorating Trends I'm Digging Right Now

BLOGGER'S NOTE: This post was originally posted on my original blog, lovesweetpress.com.

One could argue that you shouldn't follow trends when decorating, but let's be real. Every interior design magazine you pick up is full of them. The trick (in my not-at-all-professional opinion) is to make sure that the trends you're following are timeless, and to steer away from any trends that have made an appearance for the first time in the past two decades.

For example, did you mother, grandmother or great-grandmother ever decorate with "Keep Calm and Carry On" prints? You see my point. Now this is not to say that all design trends from the past are worthy of a comeback (decorating an entire room with shag should stay in the 70s), but it's generally a safe rule of thumb to follow. With this being said, here are three comeback design trends that I am currently loving.

1. Blue and White

What's more elegant than the traditional styling of blue and white? I can't think of much. Although blue and white porcelain has been used in decorating for hundreds of years, it has recently exploded back into the design scene. Look at the covers of House Beautiful and Traditional Home from the past year and you'll find yourself in a game of "I Spy" with blue and white vases, ginger jars, lamps, pillows... the list goes on. 

I personally am thrilled about the return of blue and white. It's a beautiful and timeless no matter how it's done, but my favorite blue and white pieces are done in the style of chinoiserie.

The good news is that although these pieces scream "Ralph Lauren" and "expensive," they're pretty easy to come by at reasonable prices -- you just have to know where to look. Online stores One Kings Lane and Joss & Main are oozing with blue and white pieces right now, but my favorite place to hunt for chinoiserie is at local thrift and antique stores. I picked up this vase at Hunt & Gather (a ridiculously gorgeous estate furnishings store in Raleigh) for only $30.

...and this teapot at Consignment 1st in Matthews for a whopping SIX BUCKS. Now that's what I call a blue and white steal!

2. Gallery Walls

The fact of the matter is that you really just can't beat a good gallery wall. Yes, gallery walls are the hottest thing going right now, but I fully support them because they pass the test on my home decor trends rule of thumb. My grandmother's front staircase climbed to meet a delicious gallery wall at the top, filled with framed photos of everybody that she loved. When she downsized to a smaller home, her gallery wall followed her there, and when she moved to assisted living her gallery wall came there too. So really it's only natural that I carry on the family tradition and do Nana justice with a gallery wall of my own. Here are a few walls (although no gallery wall compares to Nana's) that I am currently using as inspiration.

The gallery wall of art in my living room is still a work in progress, but I'm pretty pleased with what how the gallery wall in our den is coming along. (Stay tuned!) Makes the room feel homey and I love being surrounded by some of our favorite memories each day. Because essentially, that's really the point of a gallery wall, right? (Nana would have said yes.)

3. Bamboo

Remember the days when bamboo made you think of your grandma's pastel beach house from the 80s? Say bye bye to that theory because bamboo is back in a big way. From bamboo bar carts to faux-bamboo furniture, this Asian-inspired detail is popping up everywhere... and it doesn't have to be pricey. Sure, you can spend $294 to purchase this bamboo mirror from Pottery Barn, but smart bamboo-lovers get their fix directly from local thrift stores.

Bamboo is in abundance at second-hand shops and flea markets, you just have to see the piece for what it could be -- not for what it currently is. (Hint: When thrifting, I like to have a goal in mind, and I hunt for one or two specific things. That way I make sure that I don't miss anything in said categories and I don't get distracted by other pieces. Next time you're thrifting, think bamboo!) Here are a couple of thrifty bamboo finds that were transformed into something fabulous.

Several years back, I acquired this chest of drawers from (surprise!) my grandmother's beach house.

I didn't love it at the time, and really only took it because I was still in the post-college/first solo apartment stage of taking any furniture I could get. Feeling lucky now that I was needy back then, because it's now one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It's hanging out in my guest bedroom for now, and I'm debating if I should leave it white or go to town with a lacquer spray paint to really make it pop. Guess it depends on what I want to do with the guest bedroom, huh? Stay tuned!