I see you, lady. You’re a passionate entrepreneur putting your heart into building a badass business.


You have a mission and a purpose and you understand what makes your business unique. You’ve got so much to offer, and you’re working day in and day out to tell your story, attract your tribe, and show up to the world like the fierce girl boss that you are.

But if you’re being honest with yourself, does your brand truly reflect your awesomeness? Is it telling a story and shining a light on who you are and what you have to give to the world? Are you showing up as brilliant and fabulous as you really are?

I want to dive in deep and bring your awesome to life. Not sure how to express what you want you brand to look like? Have no fear.

My proven brand discovery process digs deep to find the soul of your business—your story, your why, your how—and helps you find clarity so we can bring your vision to life.


Hi, I'm Susannah!

I am a graphic and branding designer on a mission to help passionate, women-owned businesses make an impact with purposeful design. 

I am based out of Charlotte, NC and have over a decade of professional design and marketing experience. Design is my passion and I love connecting with other femalepreneurs to bring their passions to life. 

My unique brand discovery process helps my clients realign their business to their core values so that they can connect with their dream customers. Each design decision is made with your business and target audience in mind. 




Digging in deep. 

I want to really know your business. What do you stand for? What is your intention? Intention makes the difference between a pretty brand identity and one that has the power to convert. I want to understand the root of your business so that I can help you connect with your ideal customer and drive your business forward. 


Being creative.

Some people are powered by coffee; I'm powered by creativity. So when you trust your brand in my little creative hands, it fills me up. I love working with clients who have a vision and brainstorming with them on how to implement it. The creative process is FUN, y'all! Don't let it scare or overwhelm you. We're in this together. 


Seeing you succeed. 

Because really, isn't that what this is all about? 


Behind the Scenes


I’m a full time mommy to our sweet little boy Jack and a wife to my husband Corey, who is my biggest supporter and most loyal fan.

I love rainy days, spending money at Homegoods, and binge-watching DVR and Netflix. Christmastime is the best time. I love broadway shows and the entire Bachelor franchise. I'm an Appalachian State grad and the mountains are my spirit animal. I hate hot weather and I live my best life October through December.

I'm also a total bookworm so if you've read any good books lately, send a recommendation my way. Then let's grab a glass of wine (pinot grigio for me, please) and we'll talk all about it. :)